It is said that a picture says a thousand words in any language...

I am a Photographer... a camera is just one of the tools of my Trade... 

I consider my Brain a much bigger part of my Photography, my minds eye, my inner vision, the aesthetic thinking, that is why I followed the route to achieving educational qualifications after finishing the Armed Forces, to invest in myself and enrich the ideas I can create.

I love photography and the challenge of achieving good consistent results regardless of the situation and event, there is a great drive in me to create a Strong Narrative and Visually Storytell via what I shoot.

This is a Personal Portfolio of work that interests me but it is by no means the sole extent of work that I can cover.

I started with Film Photography, the digital era had not started when I began working, all my mistakes and successes were expensive ones. 

Working with Film meant that when I shot I valued what I was doing, each shot was important, the limited chances that Film brought and the whole nature of having to think prior to doing something is a very valuable lesson... 

I have Mike Vallance of BAE Systems to thank for that... rule of thumb No1, always be positive it's negative film.  

The understanding that working with Film brings to the table, the concept of having to get it right first time, to understand What & How & Why, and more importantly how to correct things if you got it wrong. 

The images in this Personal Portfolio can be purchased.

Either by contacting me direct, or going through my other sales sites, which you can find in the Links Page.