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Portfolio Nudes


Welcome to my personal portfolio of art nude images.

The majority of these images were taken in a studio, although there are some on location outdoors or in houses or hotel rooms.

With me, the concept and idea is all about showing shape and form rather than any blatent boobs for boobs sake, at least that's my ethos.

Along with my portrait imagery, this is a major reason for booking me, either for tuition classes or 1-2-1 sessions for photographers, or 1-2-1 bookings for personal images, sometimes I get someone very brave soul who just wants a confidence boost, a memory before "things head south " :-)

There is a saying, "if you don't ask then you can't get, SO ASK, what's the worst that can happen.?"    

Any of the images in this personal gallery can be purchased, contact me for details.  


Testimonials :-

I highly recommend you to any girl new... or experienced.! 

Andy is a Great Guy - really easy to work with and talk to,
Great Portfolio and style of working.

Maria Eriksson



Andy is a lovely gent and a pleasure to work with , I felt completely relaxed and comfortable working with him and hope I get the chance to work with him again , soon !!

Cool shots dude thanks again !! X

Becky H, Manchester


Andy is a very professional and dedicated man, a star to work with.!

He gives great direction and actually shows you his ideas rather than making vauge hand gestures and hoping you figure out whatthe photographer means.

He's informative, always telling you what he was doing and why, very communicative and straightforward.

Hannah Ashlea, North London


Great Worker, Honest, Friendly, Highly Professional, Direct,
Andy knows what he wants to shoot and how best to get it, talks the shots through first and then delivers quality images.
Really Highly Recommended. x

Lucy Alexandra, Sheffield.