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Portfolio: Sports


I love the challenge of action sports, trying to anticipate the often fast moving animals, machinery or people, the ball or that split second tackle, the rapid change of direction, the use of various techniques to show the motion and emotion behind a shot.

Sports, the very term itself refers to such a large range of activities, each requiring a different discipline, approach, understanding, consideration, practical application, the end product remains the same though, an expressive image, whether that be through inherant motion, speed, freezing the subject or tracking it, the camera does not see as we do, that's an advantage. 

There is often a requirement to have a press pass or an arrangement to shoot at many venues around the UK, with an awareness of certain ages of competitors, creating on location shots in training facilities, covering events such as tests for a new belt for Judo / Karate / Tie Kwon Do etc.

Hiring a professional photographer with a reputable portfolio is often a way round this.