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Portfolio: Portraits


Welcome to my personal portfolio of portrait images.

I'm definitely a people person.

You get landscapers, still lifers, documentarians, reportage photographers and then there's the people photographers, that's me, definitely me.

These images were mostly taken in studio settings, and show all age ranges, male & female, mostly female though, us blokes are shy infront of the camera :-)

There are family groups / mother & daughter images, flash & daylight combined, location and in clients homes and hotel rooms.

Several skills are needed to achieve good portrait imagery, people skills and interaction, putting the subject at ease and in a relaxed confident manner, speed and awareness, being in the right place with the right lens at the right time, and knowledge and some degree of talent, and that's all without even contemplating the all important lighting.

Hopefully this portfolio demonstrates those skills and shows another side of my imagery.  

I can be hired to shoot this style of work for you or a friend, all you have to do is contact me.