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Who Am I ? 

My Name is Andy Milne, A Scotsman Living in France.

A Full Time Professional Photographer : My Only Job... 

Photography is my Passion..... 

I AM  Very Experienced, University Qualified, Ex Military, Reliable, Adaptable, Internationally Published, A Dedicated and Talented Professional Photographer.

A Highly Creative And Hard Working Storyteller Who Produces Very Distinctive Images, That Can Be Transferred To Create Superb Art Work Using The Best Of Modern Printing And Products.   

There Is An Expression :- A Picture Says A Thousand Words....

But For ME :- Images Tell Stories Regardless Of The Language Of The Viewer Or The Taker, They Must Show The Emotion And Feeling Of That Second In Time, Generate A Memory Rather Than Simply Just Be A Document Or Recording.

I have over 25 years experience shooting and teaching photography, with three years at University to earn a B.A. Honours 1st Class Degree, and time at college before that to get the qualifications to Attend Uni, to back up all the experience to make me the Best Possible Choice to shoot Your Wedding. 

I have been resident in France for a little over two years now, Currently renovating an Old Milking Parlour in Graignes with some fantastic views and wonderful light.  

That Wonderful Light IS a big part of why I chose to retire here after my Military Career of 24 years finished, and to continue with the commercial work I was doing in the UK for some large companies, and to further enhance my reputation for Teaching Photography and seriously invest in my Personal Growth as a Photographer, with the building of my own studio block / Atelier.

I believe that what I offer is a Fantastic Service, absolutely the best the you will find, with a deal that will suit your budget, see Nos Offres for details. 

I combine the best that is available in the way of Photographic Art products and excellent and innovative Digital Photography to make your memories of the big day a permanent reality.

Creating something you will cherish and smile at every time you see them, a service totally dedicated to making your big day every bit as special it should be.

I can Offer extremely well tailored and dedicated offres to suit your requirements, Ask and see what we can do for you..... 

About Me : 

Relaxed and Experienced, reliable and adaptable, capable and organised, which is something I bring with me from my Military Service.

My style of work is probably on the informal side of weddings, more a documentary or reportage, about story telling, catching some of the scenes that are often missed and taken for granted, as well as the obvious important ones. 

For me, it's about the atmosphere and emotion, the nerves and smiles, the family, the kids, the details, the reception and certainly all about the bride on the big day. 

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