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About Me

A Small Biography 

Andy Milne : Scottish, Early Forties, Ex Military - Royal Navy 24 years 

Just about 7 years on Ships and some 17+ years on Nuclear Submarines.

How People I have worked with would describe me : 

Approachable : Creative : Talented : Distinctive : Adaptable : Intuitive : Inspiring : Experienced : Reliable : Honest : Direct : Brusque with a Dry Sense of Humour....

University Educated :- BA Hons 1st Class. AFTER finishing the Armed Forces.

And a whole lot of Personal Learning while in the Armed Forces....

Mostly self taught, with lots of experience in many different styles and situations, I love a good challenge and difficult lighting setups.

The chance to Experiment and Learn new things is something I always really enjoy. 

Have Considered myself a Professional Photographer for some 20 Years now.  


Currently Living in Normandie France, have been here for a little over two years, have two Staffie Anglais, and some HUGE Plans, but if you don't Dream Big you never get there.... 


If you don't ask , You can not get..... SO ASK.


The glass is always half full, never half empty...