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Tuition: Nudes

The images in the gallery above were taken by students on some of the courses I have run, which hopefully shows what they have achieved, with many of them having little or no studio experience at all beforehand, or even working on location.

These shots range from Glasgow to Bristol, Manchester to London, Birmingham to Leicester, and represent a few years of courses. 

The studio set up diagrams on the initial Tuition page were supplied by me and the working out of exposures were done by students after the initial instructional session, therefore instilling a confidence about ability to do it again and get it correct.  

To book a course you can either Contact me direct or Book one of the current courses.



Andy is a regular at my studio, shooting both his own assignments and assiting me on group shoots and teaching his own workshops.

He is reliable, punctual and honest, I can leave him in charge knowing the studio and my clients are in good hands.! 

he works hard and does not need prompting to crack on with things when assisting, and as a photographer his work is professional and stands out.! 

Having observed his tutored workshops, i can say they are constructive, informative and affordable, he has success all over the country with them.

He's a great person and brilliant photographer, who is always willing keen and eager to help, nothing is too much trouble for him.!! 

Adrian Pini, studio owner

I've known Andy Milne for 12 years now, and count him as a good personal friend, I've seen him in action as a photographer and as a tutor many many times, and I'm still amazed at his knowledge and sheer creativity, adaptability and attention to detail he brings to a project, the professionalism he applies and expects and instills in those he teaches.

Those that attend his studio photography workshops always go away buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm from their newly acquired skills and images.

Paul Jones



I had a fab two days with Andy, I was the model at one of his travelling lighting courses, we shot over the two days in differing locations, with several local photographers.

Andy is a great guy, highly professional, down to earth, understanding and very highly recommended. x

Lucy Alexandra, Sheffield Model


Andy is a lovely gent and a real pleasure to work for, I felt completely relaxed and comfortable working with him and the students he had, I hope I get the chance to do so again, the looks on the students faces at the results on their cameras was priceless, you could see their confidence grow and they left buzzing with good vibes.

Becky H, Manchester