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Tuition: Portraits

The images in the gallery above were taken by students on some of the courses I have run, which hopefully shows what they have achieved, with many of them having little or no studio experience at all beforehand, or even working on location.

These shots range from Glasgow to Bristol, Manchester to London, Birmingham to Leicester, and represent a few years of courses. 

The studio set up diagrams on the initial Tuition page were supplied by me and the working out of exposures were done by students after the initial instructional session, therefore instilling a confidence about ability to do it again and get it correct.  

To book a course you can either Contact me direct or Book one of the current courses. 


Andy is a great guy and a fantastic tutor, his imagery and creativity was really inspiring, Taught me so much in the four hours I spent with him at our clubhouse studio {ADAPS Wigan}.
I will certainly be working with him when he comes North again.

Nik Bryant, Bolton


I've seen Andy's work with this type of photography , Experimental lighting and nudes, which was why I was quick to sign up.

It was a good choice, it sold out fast.

Andy was very patient with me, teaching me what to look for and encouraging me to direct and speak up, which the model said was a good thing. The fellow photographers there were also a great bunch, we looked at each others shots in between shooting, which was good aspect of the course. The feedback was positive and constructive. Well worth the money for the course.

James Copperwaite, London 



Andy is very professional and dedicated, A real star to work with.!

He gives great direction and shows you his ideas rather than making vague hand gestures and hoping for the best, letting the model figure out what is needed. He's informative, communicative, and purposeful, a joy to shoot with.

Hannah Ashlea, Full time model, North London.  



I have known Andy for over five years now and adore his work and his style of working, he is a talented man with heaps of dedication and puts in lots of preparation into what he does so well.

Not only does he have an upfront nature, he is also fun to work with and is excellent at giving you pointers from his lens based viewpoint, which makes getting great images easier.

Jacquie Burgess, Edinburgh



I had the great pleasure of working for Andy this weekend, whom was full of life and excitement, creation and direction even after a 200 mile commute from London to Manchester for the course he was running..!! 
He taught the three new photographers amazingly well, giving good direction to them and insight to stand them in good stead to carry on their photography in a strong manner. Encouraging the three to communicate with me as to the directions they wanted to head in for their images. 

Andy is very skilled and totally professional, producing great work himself and bringing out good work from others. 

Raphaella McNamara



Not only is Andy a great photographer, his sharing of knowledge in the pursuit of encouraging better images from others is inspiring, his willingness to be constructive and help is infectious.
I have benefited from knowing him and talking online about my work and his advice has been valid.

Brad Page