Qualified Professional Photographer 

B.A. Honours Degree, 1st Class

SIREN 879 418 051

Approachable  Creative  Talented  Distinctive  

Adaptable  Intuitive  Inspiring 

Experienced  Reliable  Honest  Storyteller

I am a Full Time, Highly Qualified, Professional Photographer. 

I can be Hired for many different jobs, from Weddings to Commercial Advertising,  Product to Portraiture, Events and Anniversaries, Music and Documentary Work. 

I can apply my Skills and Knowledge to just about any job you can think of.

I can also be hired for personal tuition on a 1-2-1 basis if you wish try and get more from your camera 

or achieve better images. 



Have a look at the Portfolio Page  for examples of my work. 

If you are after something specific please just ask.

The Eleven words at the top of my page are taken from the previous clients statements about my work and myself.

I'm honest, straightforward, practical to the point of being direct, very easy going, certainly not shy or bashful.

You simply can't be shy after 24 years in the Royal Navy.


Update……   Eventually.  
After what has been a hell of a challenging few months and lots of changes in the place…. Time for an update… The Gite Is active & has a few good bookings confirmed this year, June being fully booked… But sadly May & July are quiet…   And the Tour De France is local for three […]
lundi, 09 mai 2016
A pleasant surprise for the end of the year.
A long over due blog post….. Was very pleasantly surprised when a former student posted an image of me and some very kind words posted on my personal facebook page, shared with my friends & it has been shown a lot of love by them. Randall Hobbet Randall’s personal website Tumblr > well worth a […]
samedi, 03 janvier 2015
Been a while…… Allegedly.
Yes, it’s been absolutely Ages….. Way over due & needed. There has been somewhat of a mad rush this last week to complete the basics of downstairs ( Gite 1 ). Added to that has been a major milestone achieved. A full electricity line established into the house, it’s only taken 13 THIRTEEN bloody long […]
lundi, 13 octobre 2014


I have run and organised many studio based tuition & classes in the UK.

Hopefully very soon I will finally create my own studio block here in Normandie France, where I intend to run courses and become the Premier Resource for Photography in the Region, 
With the intention to have at least one residential event a month with many well known and famous Photographers doing some of the teaching too, making this place an Internationally Recognised Feature.

Personally I have taught a wide range of subject matter and genre's, from portraiture to art nude. 

Any tuition can be specifically tailored to suit individual needs, experience and style.

A Course or even a 1-2-1 session is a very good way of getting to grips with a new camera and a fine way of learning at a dedicated pace suitable to the photographer and their growing skills and confidence.

I can organise and supply all the kit needed for a course suitable for an individual 1-2-1 based session. 

Check out the Tuition page for examples of style and images taken on previous courses.


Contact me direct for information and availability. 



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